Can ISO 9001 Make Your Business More Money?

How Can ISO 9001 Make Your Business More Money?

If you’re focusing on ISO 9001 purely as a quality system, you could be missing an important trick. That’s not to say you’re incorrect, but you may only be scratching the surface of its full potential. Drilling down into the various segments that form part of ISO 9001 reveals it can help your business make more money, too.

How can 9001 help you make more money?

There are many useful sections in ISO 9001 – one of which deals with planning. Planning is something every business should do to ensure it achieves the best results. If your business holds physical stock, it is vital you know what stock you have, how much of each item you hold, how much it cost, and when you are likely to run out.

Optimise your stock control

By implementing ISO 9001, you will create a quality management system that allows you to easily access important information about all these elements at any time. This means you can exercise better control over your stock.

Simply identifying what sells and how often means you can order replacement stock at the right time to optimise your cash-flow and minimise out-of-stock situations. It also means you’re less likely to have cash tied-up in piles of unsold stock sitting around, because you’ll know what sells and what doesn’t.

Use what you already have more efficiently

As you are implementing this ISO quality management standard, or make better use of it once it is implemented, make sure you take a good look at every aspect of your stock control methods. Review the amount of warehouse or storage space you have, and how you use it. Most businesses could be much more efficient in this area – yours included.

Get everyone involved for the best results

Make sure your staff are on board with the process of streamlining your stock control systems in accordance with ISO 9001. Making more people a part of the quality process can make life easier if done correctly. You will benefit from the knowledge people in different parts of your business have.

For example, someone who always works in the warehouse might know why a certain item is always stored in a specific place. Is this the best place for it, or does it make more sense to move it? This is one example of how employee knowledge can help your aim of improving your business using quality management systems.

How much more could your business make?

That is the million-dollar question – but it is one you can answer by approaching this part of your business using your quality management system, and applying a more critical eye to what you do, how and why you do it. Try it today – you may be surprised by the results.

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