ISO 22301 business continuity management

All About ISO 22301 – Business Continuity Management

Let’s start off by explaining what is meant by business continuity and then we will get into what ISO 22301 is all about. Business continuity in short describes how any business or organisation plans to function in the aftermath of a major disaster or severe disruption that affects that business. The ability for a business to become fully functional after a serious incident occurs is paramount, and the speed at which this happens depends mainly on how well it has prepared before the event occurs.

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About ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems

All About ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems

With the growing impact of climate change, and increasing economic pressures on organisations of all shapes and sizes, more and more companies are looking at ways to reduce their environmental impact but also to cut down on expenses and the cost of doing business. One way of achieving both these goals – improving environmental performance and saving money is to become more energy efficient and so lower energy bills. Opportunities to identify where energy costs can be reduced can be determined in a number of ways, and finding the best way for a business to cut back depends on a number of different factors – and this is where ISO 50001 come in to its own.

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About ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management

All About ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems

Every year millions of people worldwide die from work-related accidents, injuries and diseases. This is an extremely startling statistic and should be quite alarming to any business or organisation that takes their responsibilities in this important area seriously. The impact of a fatality, a serious accident or simply ill health on an organisation and its workforce can be profound. It can lead to prosecution under the law, civil litigation, the loss of reputation, higher insurance premiums, early retirements, reduced staff moral and much, much more.

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