About Total Quality Management

All About Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management or TQM for short is considered one of the most important management frameworks used in business today. It can be used whether your organisation produces a physical product or provides services to your customers. The key to any successful business is to simply supply your customers with the best quality product or service that you possibly can and this applies to both internal and external customers.

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About Six Sigma

All About Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a set of tools and techniques that are used for process improvement within a business to help reduce or eliminate errors and defects. Each identified process would be assigned its own unique Six Sigma project and those assigned to the project would follow a well-defined set of steps in order to carry out the process improvement project.

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About Kaizen & Continuous Improvement

All About Kaizen

Kaizen is a Japanese business concept or methodology of continuous improvement of personal efficiency and working practices that is at the core of modern quality management and lean manufacturing processes. It’s not surprising therefore that the word Kaizen, which is Japanese translates to continuous improvement.

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About Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle

All About Plan-Do-Check-Act Or The PDCA Cycle

Every organization, no matter how big or small can be broken down into multiple parts or processes that it uses to carry out every aspect of its operation.  So when it comes to making improvements to its operations an organisation usually starts with identifying which processes need to be changed or improved in order to get the most bang for its buck… and this is where the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle comes in to play.

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About ISO 9001 Quality Management System

All About ISO 9001 Quality Management System

The ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) was first published by the International Organization for Standardization or ISO back in 1987. Since then it has been through a number of revisions that keep it up to date and relevant to business. ISO 9001:2015 is the most recent revision of this, the world’s most popular of quality management standard.

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ISO 22301 business continuity management

All About ISO 22301 – Business Continuity Management

Let’s start off by explaining what is meant by business continuity and then we will get into what ISO 22301 is all about. Business continuity in short describes how any business or organisation plans to function in the aftermath of a major disaster or severe disruption that affects that business. The ability for a business to become fully functional after a serious incident occurs is paramount, and the speed at which this happens depends mainly on how well it has prepared before the event occurs.

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About ISO 31000 Risk Management

All About ISO 31000 Risk Management Systems

The ISO 31000 risk management system is a framework designed to help organisations build a systematic approach to the management of its risk. Developed by the International Organization for Standardization or ISO and first published in 2009, it was created in order to help develop standard ways for organisations to perform specific business risk management processes. By establishing a set of recognisable guidelines or frameworks for any business to follow, the ISO management standards give organisations a much better chance of being successful.

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The History of Quality Management

All About The History Of Quality Management

While Total Quality Management is a relatively new concept, there has been some form of quality control system since the start of the industrial revolution and the birth of modern manufacturing processes during the 18th century. In the early beginnings of quality control, there may have been one person who would inspect each manufactured product as it was completed and if the inspector approved, then it was deemed good enough to be presented to the customer.

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