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All About Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management or TQM for short is considered one of the most important management frameworks used in business today. It can be used whether your organisation produces a physical product or provides services to your customers. The key to any successful business is to simply supply your customers with the best quality product or service that you possibly can and this applies to both internal and external customers.

While Total Quality Management is a powerful tool in itself, a strong leadership approach is also required in order for it to be implemented and administered successfully. This is because, as the name implies, it takes a total company effort at every level of the organisation to ensure that everything is done to focus on quality, delivery and the customer.

What goes into a Total Quality Management system?

At the core of any TQM system is the relationship between the customer and supplier, which applies to both internal and external customers. To ensure that each and every product or service is delivered with the highest quality a number of processes need to be put into place.

The core of the management process is then surrounded with a number of support systems that include key management functions such as:

  • Processes
  • People
  • Systems

The Total Quality Management system is completed when the whole organisation, at all levels is willing to play its part by communicating effectively, and committing fully to the system. This then creates a shift in organisational culture that fully supports Total Quality throughout the business.

What is meant by quality in a business environment?

The most commonly accepted definition of quality is “delighting the customer by meeting their needs and expectations”. When talking about meeting the needs and expectations of a customer there are several things that need to be taken into consideration. The management team has to be able to analyse each and every aspect of the quality process to ensure that the results or outputs meet the standards set or expected by the customer. Some of the components that need to be considered include:

  • Performance
  • Appearance
  • Availability
  • Delivery
  • Reliability
  • Maintainability
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Price

What are the keys to implementing a Total Quality Management system?

In order for any organisation to successfully implement a Total Quality Management system there needs to be a focus on two core components of the process which are “commitment” and “leadership”.

The plan to implement the system has to be created so that all stakeholders will recognise the benefits that the changes brought about by the new management system will deliver.

The senior management team of the organisation must be fully committed and work to ensure that each and every stage of the TQM implementation is completed in accordance with the original plan. This means that they must support the team tasked with delivering the system through positive communication, demonstrations of commitment and encouragement to ensure each part of the management system is implemented correctly.

In order for the organisation to deliver quality products or services, there must be 100% commitment to quality from everyone in the business. In driving the implementation process forward a strong leadership team will need to follow the following five points:

  • Develop a mission statement for the organisation and ensure that all employees are made aware of it
  • Being hands on and leading by example in order to show their commitment to plan
  • Develop strategies and effective plans that will help to carry out the mission and company objectives
  • Continually review the plan and make adjustments where necessary
  • Be supportive of employees through positive communication and encouragement to ensure the best results

World-class quality management frameworks

Quality Management Systems deliver a comprehensive range of world-class quality management, auditing, training and QMS software solutions to organisations wishing to increase customer satisfaction, achieve greater consistency in the delivery products and services, build profitability and enhance reputations.

If you would like to learn more about our quality management systems, and how we can help you develop world-class processes please get in touch today.

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