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All About Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a set of tools and techniques that are used for process improvement within a business to help reduce or eliminate errors and defects. Each identified process would be assigned its own unique Six Sigma project and those assigned to the project would follow a well-defined set of steps in order to carry out the process improvement project.

While each project may be different in scope, they will all follow the same type of value targets that have to be met in order to reach the end goal of the project.

Six Sigma targets

Typical Six Sigma targets include the following:

  • Reduce cycle times
  • Cut down on pollution
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased profits

The Six Sigma doctrine

The Six Sigma doctrine is a set of tools and techniques that make up the process improvement system that is dedicated to reducing or outright eliminating production variation by ensuring that all products are produced as close to perfect every time. The following are a set of absolutes that have to done in order for Six Sigma to work properly;

  • It is paramount for the company’s success to be able to achieve predictable and continuous results from a Six-Sigma implementation
  • All of the business processes must have definable characteristics, you must be able to measure them, analyse them, improve on them and control them
  • The entire organisation has to be on the same page, including the senior management team (Executive Leadership) in order to ensure that all of the processes are carried out according to plan

Implementing Six-Sigma process improvement system

Six-Sigma is a change from previous quality management systems in that instead of having those on the shop floor implementing process changes, in Six Sigma well-trained individuals are put in charge of the actual implementation plan. Each person in the Six Sigma group has a specified role and ranking. Below is an example of a typical hierarchy:

Executive Leadership

This group is made up of senior executives that include the CEO and they are responsible for establishing the vision for the Six Sigma implementation. They help to empower the role holders by allowing them a wide latitude during the implementation process to explore new ideas for making improvements.


The Champions are responsible for the actual implementation of Six Sigma for the whole organisation and to ensure everything integrates properly. The champions are selected by the Executive Leadership and they are taken from a pool of senior management staff.

Master Black Belts

The Master Black Belts are often referred to as Six-Sigma coaches, as they are responsible for the Black Belts. They assist the Champions in guiding the Black Belts and Green Belts.

Black Belts

Black Belts use Six Sigma methodologies to accomplish their tasks and they work directly under Master Black Belts. They only work with Six Sigma projects and don’t do any other type of work.

Green Belts

Green Belts are workers who take part in the Six Sigma project roll-out along with their other responsibilities and take directions from Black Belts.

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All About Six Sigma – Can Six-Sigma Reduce Errors & Defects?
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All About Six Sigma – Can Six-Sigma Reduce Errors & Defects?
Six Sigma is a set of tools and techniques that are used for process improvement within a business. Each identified process would be assigned its own unique Six Sigma project and those assigned to the project would follow a well-defined set of steps in order to carry out the process improvement project.
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