Quality Assurance… Do you Really Need to Worry About it?

Quality assurance – it’s a phrase that tends to elicit groans from some, and it’s easy to see why. However, if you intend to develop a new product or service for your target audience, quality assurance or QA should be one of the most important elements of the development and production process that you consider.

Quality assurance should be seen as an essential process

Why? The answer is simple – it is largely a preventative measure that enables every element of the development process, from the initial idea to the finished product, to be assessed for quality. We all hope our products or services will be just what our customers want, we want them to be of good quality and that ultimately they will be a great success. However, if you have ever picked up a product and wondered why on earth it was ever made in the first instance, you’ll know what can happen when quality assurance is ignored.

Monitoring quality at every step of the way

The development of any new product, process, or service will involve many different decisions. Any one of those decisions can lead to something going wrong. By employing good ongoing quality assurance measures, you’ll vastly reduce the odds of something going wrong. And when a single mistake could cost a significant sum, or set you back weeks or longer, avoiding errors before they have chance to cause you problems makes a lot of sense.

Identifying potential stumbling blocks

It is far easier to spot a problem before you reach it than when you get there. In doing so, you can take action to avoid the problem altogether. This is just one of the key features of using quality assurance procedures daily.

Is it worth hiring outsiders to handle quality assurance testing?

In a word, yes. While you can carry-out your own quality assurance testing in-house, it is far better to hire a qualified assessor who can provide an independent viewpoint – and perhaps one you had not considered before. The money invested in an experienced QA assessor can be saved in the eradication of mistakes along the way.

Evaluating your budget throughout the development process

Financial control is important especially when developing new products or services. Every new project should have a budget assigned to it ahead of time. That budget will then be split into different areas or stages so they can be carefully monitored. Each stage of the project must meet the budget set for the whole project to come in on or under the money allocated to it.

By assessing the progress of the project, including the financial side of things, you can identify whether any area may overrun its financial allocation. If you are monitoring the project correctly, steps can be taken to rectify any overspend, or to adjust spend in other areas, ahead of time.

These are just a few isolated reasons why quality assurance is so important for all businesses. How important could it be for yours?

World-class quality management frameworks

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